About The Author - Jan Yoxall
The stories and meditations in the Great Spirit Series have been inspired by my journeys to the vast landscape of the Great Plains and the strength and spirituality of the people who live there. These stories and meditative journeys are intended to build self-esteem and encourage children to have respect for each other, to love and respect the elderly and to appreciate the environment. It is also the dream of the author that these fictional stories will capture children’s imagination and interest in the Native American people and their traditions and lead to a dialogue between the children who live on the Reservations and those who live far beyond.

In the company of Author, Historian and Photographer, Serle Chapman, I have visited several Native American Reservations, including the Lakota Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota and the Northern Cheyenne Reservation at Lame Deer, Montana. Approximately 5,000 tribal members currently live on the North Cheyenne reservation, but with little infrastructure there, they have a very high unemployment rate of up to 80%. Many of the children on the Northern Cheyenne Reservation face the daily reality of aching poverty and unlike previous generations, today’s poverty is not just economic. Complications are created by broken families, alcohol and drug abuse, and the very limited opportunities available to the Cheyenne people. This all adds to the vicious cycle of child poverty.


Cheyenne Childrens Service
The Cheyenne Childrens Services is a designated non-profit making organisation which has been working since 1989 to offer encouragement; to provide educational materials and to support the health of the children from low-income families on the Northern Cheyenne Reservation.