About The Author - Jan Yoxall

Track One
- All About Little White Feather
Track Two - The Stone Spirit, The Wolf and The Buffalo
Track Three - Morning Star Meditation
Little White Feather is a small Native American boy who lives in a tipi in a place called the Great Plains. Find out how he bravely overcomes his fears and rescues the injured wolf. Discover the name of his pony and the secret he learned about Planet Earth when he flew high into the stars on the back of an eagle...

These CDs stimulate children's imagination and creativity whilst also increasing confidence and self esteem, helping to create a sense of peace and calm in a busy world where children can get caught up in the stress of daily life. They can be used for general relaxation or at bedtime to help with issues around sleeping. Suitable as an educational or teaching resource. Suitable for boys aged 4 to 7 years but also entertaining for children and adults of all ages.

Promotes a sense of calmness, relaxation and security
Enhances children’s creative imagination
Promotes self-confidence, courage and self-esteem.
Each CD also contains a craft page with a craft
based activity related to the Native American culture.