About The Author - Jan Yoxall
Jan YoxallJan Yoxall is a former complementary therapist with a background in Professional Reflexology, CranioSacral Therapy and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). She is the author of the successful Sacred Light Series of Angel Meditation CDs and is now thrilled to be writing and recording The Great Spirit Series for Little Souls published by Diviniti Publishing Ltd.

The meditations in this children’s series have been inspired by Jan’s interest in the Native American people and their traditions, particularly the people of the Lakota and Cheyenne Nations, to whom she extends respect and gratitude for the warmth shown during her travels through South Dakota, Wyoming and Montana. The stunningly beautiful landscape she has encountered on these journeys provides the perfect backdrop to these captivating and delightful children’s meditations. Jan is married and lives in Kent with her husband. She has two grown-up sons and in February 2009 she became a proud grandmother.

A dream realised

“When I was a child, like many children in the 1950s and 60s, I had a collection of “Dolls from Around the World” and my favourite was the little doll with braided hair wearing a suede Native American fringed dress. I adored her. Something about that doll invoked a longing in me which I still cannot explain… it was a longing which was to surface again many years later when I saw an advertisement for responsible guided tours to Native America. I sent for the brochure but I wasn’t in the financial position at the time to go.

Each year, a new brochure arrived with yet more stunning photographs taken by author and photographer Serle Chapman of a landscape and people I yearned to know more about and my heart ached to go, yet with each passing year, circumstances prevented me from going. Finally, I announced “I really NEED to do this” and in 2003 I joined a tour led by Serle Chapman called “Oceti Sakowin” or “The Seven Council Fires”. It was everything I hoped it would be. During our journey of 3,500 miles, I fell in love with the people and the landscape - although a novice-rider, I went horse-riding across the sweet-smelling prairie, I slept in a tipi, I listened to Serle’s stories late at night, under the vast canopy of stars ..."